Duradek – Waterproof Outdoor Flooring

Duradek of Windsor has been supplying sheet vinyl waterproofing solutions to Essex County since 2000.  Our Ontario Distributor has been around for 25 years, the Canadian Distributor has been serving Canada since 1974, and has sold over 100 million sq. feet of waterproof outdoor flooring.


Duradek has supplied sheet vinyl waterproofing for 100,000s of homes and buildings. Duradek Ltd. is known throughout North America for its industry leadership in deck and balcony products. All Duradek membranes are reinforced for multi-directional strength and stability, and have a textured finish for slip-resistance. To increase performance, the vinyl makeup includes mildew inhibitors along with ultra-violet and heat stabilizers. Attractive patterns, colors and textures provide a contemporary new look, previously unavailable in the outdoor waterproof flooring market.