Acrylic Roof Systems

Acrylic Roof Systems block harmful UV rays and protect families from the effects of in climate weather without the sacrifice of the sun’s natural light.
Versatile and Adaptable

Our Acrylic Roof Systems will adapt to most roof systems allowing for ease of installation and giving you a virtually maintenance-free roof system.

Beauty, Light, Comfort and Protection

The Acrylic sheets are 100% naturally UV stable and filter / soften harsh light. The Acrylic will retain 90% light transmission and clarity for 30 years! We guarantee it. In contrast, polcarbonate users will experience diminishing light transmission and yellowing resulting in sheet replacement in as little as 10 years.


  • Superior energy savings and heat control
  • Highest light transmission
  • Even light distribution
  • Proven hail protection
  • Patented condensate control
  • Heaviest most rigid panels
  • Non-shattering safety glazing.
  • Each Acrylic sheet has an anti-condensate coating that works with the rain to keep the sheet clean.